XSTO dedicated to ease your way for every stair and we spare no effort to designing the safe and high quality powered stair climbers, battery operated stackers, stair climbing forklift, electric stair climbing wheelchair , move equipment and accessories for stair climbers.

With years of communicating with customers, we find most of the customers have some questions based on the following aspects:

The main difference is ZW7170G has an automatic brake system while ZW7170E doesn’t have one. With a brake system, it will be safer when moving downstairs.

It varies for different models, please contact us with the model.

Yes, we can provide you customized service according to your required dimensions.

Our products are suitable for conventional stairs(Maximum for the height:21cm,Minimum for Width:25cm.), but if your staircase has an unusual size, please email us for special tips.

Yes, sure. All our powered stair climber can be equipped with an aluminum ramp which you can rest against your vehicle, then you can  load and unload the goods from the truck directly with your trolleys.

  • Best price and best delivery time
  • Free technical support and professional training
  • Market support(we will transfer all local inquiries to you)

Yes, we located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. OEM service is available, if you need more details, please feel free to email to us on the contact us page.

You can call us at +86-760-28207258 or you can send the details on the contact us page.

XSTO accept bank transfer, western union, etc.. We will provide the specific payment method according to your order amount and country based on the funding safety and minimum service charge.

We have 12 months warranty for the main units such as motor, drive, and battery.

Only the wrong operation will cause the machine to malfunction, so please read the manual carefully before use. When you met problems, please contact us firstly, and send some picture/video, our engineer will check it and tell you how to repair.

Parts that are more easily broken are switches and fuses, but we usually give customers one more when shipping.