Semi Electric Stacker

Model No: XSTO LFT260

XSTO semi electric stacker LFT260 is an efficient mini lifting equipment, with 1 meter lifting height, it can lift goods up to 260kg and itself to the platform or truck. Equipped with an automatic following function, the load plate can automatically adjust the height according to the number of goods, reducing the number of bending in the handling process. Suitable for logistics handling, food, and beverage handling, warehousing, factory warehouse, etc.


  • Suitable for warehouse, factory, shopping mall, supermarket, etc..

Easy to Use

Compatible With Truck

Mini Size

Compatible With Truck




01 Operation Switch

Point Touch Design, Easy to Operate

02 Button

Upstairs/Downstairs Switch, Fast/Slow Switch

03 Battery

Play & Plug With Auto Connection, Independent Switch, Display Battery Level and Voltage

04 Brake

With Edge Brake and Stairs Hover Function. Avoid Falling Down and Safer to Operate

05 Armrest

Foldable Aluminum Alloy Armrest, Can Spin in 360 Degree, Adjust Angle On Demand

06 Cralwer Track

Natural Rubber, Non-Marking Crawler Track, Wear Resistant and Non-slipping

07 Trample Area

Sturdy and Non-slipping, Can be Stepped On and Assisted In Operation

08 Protection Shell

IP54 Protection Grade, Closed Acutator

Automatic Following
Foldable Armrest
Self-loading On Truck
Battery Pack
Control Box
Loading Board


Item Weight
Max Loading Capacity
Battery Capacity
237~291 Times(1Time=1 Rise+1 Fall)
Rising Speed
20~24s/m (29.5~50mm/s)
Falling Speed
19~20s/m (50~52.6mm/s)
Lift Height
Appox 1000mm
Motor Type
DC Motor
Nosie Volume
Protection Grade
Overall Size

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