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XSTO Stair Climbing Hand Truck

Stair Climbing Hand Truck

XSTO produces different loading capacity stair climbing dolly from light duty ones to heavy duty ones and will launch new designs with more functions around time. 

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XSTO has put out a series of powered stair climbers to meet different load capacity demand. And we categorized into 4 categories:

XSTO’s light load stair climbing dolly is with super light aluminum alloy frame design, smooth moving on stairs, easy to operate.


Capacity: 70KG

Light Duty


Capacity: 105KG

Light Weighted

XSTO designed different middle load capacity powered stair climbers range from 150 KG to 250 KG.

XSTO Electric Stair Climber ZW7170E

Aluminum Alloy

Capacity: 170 KG

XSTO Stair Climbing Hand Truck ZW7170EF


Capacity: 170 KG


Most Popular 

Capacity: 170 KG


Foldable & Brake

Capacity: 170 KG



Capacity: 170KG

XSTO Battery Stair Climbing Trolley ZW7200G

Aluminum Alloy

Capacity: 200 KG



Capacity: 250KG


Stair Clawler Dolly

Capacity: 250KG


Stair Clawler Dolly

Capacity: 300KG 

XSTO designed the heavy duty electric stair climber with auto gravity and auto adjusting function when climbing stairs.

XSTO Stair Climb Trolley

Electric Wheelchair Stair Climber

Capacity: 420KG


Heavy Duty Stair Climbing Trolley

Capacity: 420KG

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