XSTO Stair Climb Trolley

Automatic Stair Climber

Model No.:XSTO CT420

XSTO heavy duty stair climbing dolly CT420 is with a capacity of up to 420 KG, it allows you to transport cargo upstairs and downstairs by a single person. It can easily keep balance when climbing by automatically adjusting the cargo’s gravity center, and it can also move easily on the flat ground with its flat ground mode, which makes moving safer and easier. It is suitable for transport precision instruments, vending machines, pianos, big safes, gas cylinders, building materials, engines, security check machines, etc.


Suitable for moving heavy and expensive commercial equipment, such as vending machines, photocopiers.


XSTO CT420 is a semi automatic stair climber which can adjust the tilt angle on stairs automatically.


It can carry heavy duty cargo both on flat surface and stairs. You can also install fixtures On it.

Self Balance

This powered stair climber traces the center of gravity on stairs with its sensors.

Super Powerful

Its loading capacity is 420KG, which is the most powerful than never before.


It is equipped with the non-slipping and non-marking independent crawler track.


XSTO CT420 Introduction


05 Crawler Track

The durable independent non-marking and non-slipping crawler track.

06 Motor Shell

Protect the motor and controller inside.

07 Button

There are speed button and direction button on the vertical beam

08 Loading Board

With automatic angle adjust on stairs

09 Universal Wheels

The universal wheels can help you manoeuvre in stairs corner or on flat surface.

01 Joystick

You can control the moving direction and the tilt angle of the loading board with the joystick.

02 Armrest

With the armrest, it is an auxiliary handler to ensure the saftey when it arrived the last staircase.

03 Strap Fixed Beam

The strap fixed beam can float up and down

04 Battery Pack

Play & Plug With Auto Connection, Independent Switch, Display Battery Level and Voltage

Crawler Track
Self Balance
Strap Fixed Beam
Sturdy Frame
Universal Wheels


Item Weight
Max Loading Capacity
Battery Capacity
78-106 Steps
Low Speed
10 Steps/Min
High Speed
16 Steps/Min
Motor Type
DC Motor
Nosie Volume
Protection Grade
Staircase Requirement
Height25CM,  Tilt Angle ≤37°
Step Specification


Stair Crawler XSTO CT420
Stair Crawler XSTO CT420

Optional Fixtures

Photocopier Ramp
Electric Mini Lifter

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