Multi-purpose Hand Truck

Model No: XSTO US210E/US210G

XSTO US210E is a removable powered stair climber hand truck which can be used as a hand truck and a powered stair climber. When you use it as a hand truck, the executive unit and battery pack will removed, it is helpful for moving on flat ground. When you install the executive unit and the battery pack on the hand truck, then you can use as a stair climbing hand truck, it saves your labor force when moving up / down stairs.

With a loading capacity of 210KG, this multi-purpose powered stair climber is a versatile material handling tool.


  • Dryers
  • Furniture 
  • White Appliance
  • Office Equipment
  • Construction Materials
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Oil Drum

Dual Mode Design

XSTO US210E can be used as powered stair climber and hand truck.

Energy Efficient

The brushless motor control system enable this stair climber saves energy.


The brushless motor provide power when it is used as a powered stair climber.

Labor Saving

It is a labor saver for material handling for moving on flat ground and on stairs.


The executive unit and battery pack can be detached from the the powered stair climbing hand truck.


XSTO US210E / US210G Training Tutorial


01 Operation Button

Point touch design, easy to operate.

02 Battery Pack

Play and plug with auto connection, independent switch, display battery level and voltage. .

03 Braking System

Edge stopping brakes are available. Anti-skidding and safer.

04 Pneumatic Tires

Flexible rubber tires. Flexible steering.

05 Upper and Lower Limit Clips

For removal and installation of the drive system

06 Square Housing

Protect upper and lower limit clips.

07 Armrest

Foldable aluminium alloy armrest. Can spin in 360 degree. adjust angle on demand. 

08 Up/Down Switch / Speed Switch

Up/down & Fast/slow switch. 

09 Self-Developed Drive System Assembly

Self developed, rugged and impact resistant shell, IP54 protection level, dustproof, waterproof, anti-electromagnetic interference.

10 Small Protective Cover

Protect the line interface.

11 Mudguard

Protect the tires

12 Loading Plate

Foldable to save storage space.

Battery Pack
Executive Assembly
Loading Plate
Pneumatic Tire
Point Touch Button
Mounting Clips
Terminal Protectors

Drive System SE210 Assembly

01 Support Arms and Climbing Casters

02 Power Connector

03 Single Line Interface

04 Climbing Step Counter

Technical Parameter

Model No.
Product Weight (Stair Climber Mode)
Product Weight (Hand Truck Mode)
Maximum Load
Climbing Speed (Low Speed)
22 Steps/Min
22 Steps/Min
Climbing Speed (High Speed)
32 Steps/Min
30 Steps/Min
Battery Capacity (Floors)
Approx. 90~121 Floors
Appox. 90~121 Floors
Battery Capacity (Steps)
1620~1944 Floors
1620~1944 Floors
Brake System
Maximum Step Height
210 MM
Protection Level

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