Heavy Duty Stair Climbing Hand Truck

Model No.:XSTO ZW4250

XSTO heavy duty stair climbing hand truck ZW4250 is  with pneumatic wheels can be used for transporting cargo up to 250 KG to climb stairs. The machine has obvious advantages because it combines practicality and economy. Carbon steel frame, simple touch button control, dust-proof design switch, height adjustable loading board for different cargo’s center of gravity and most competitive price make it popular in building site. It is also widely used for upstairs and downstairs transporting for furniture, white goods, photocopiers, industrial devices, building supplies, etc.


Suitable for transporting building material, heavy equipment, gas cylinder, home appliance, furniture, beverages package, supermarket goods etc.





Stepless Speed


XSTO ZW4250 Installation
XSTO ZW4250 Introduction


01 Operation Button

Point Touch Design, Easy to Operate

02 Button

Upstairs/Downstairs Switch, Fast/Slow Switch

03 Loading Board

Foldable loading board, space saving

04 Pneumatic Tire

10 Inches Durable pneumatic tire 

05 Height Adjustable Handle

The handle height can be adjusted according to the different operators’ needs

06 Back Board

Sturdy back board for holding the cargo

07 Battery

Play & Plug With Auto Connection, Independent Switch, Display Battery Level and Voltage

08 Pivot Arm

High-abrasive and anti-slip pivot arm with polyurethane material

Stepless Speed
Function Button
Battery Pack