XSTO electric hand truck stair climber ZW7170EF is with foldable design, mini size, easy to put into a truck or a car.

This powered stair climber with pneumatic wheels can be used for transporting cargo up to 170 KG up and down stairs. It is suitable for industrial and commercial use, such as transporting building materials, heavy appliances, and other goods without any effort. Intensive aluminum alloy frame, simple touch button control, rechargeable battery, make it more and more popular. Wireless folding design saves space and is more convenient to carry.

XSTO Stair Climbing Hand Truck ZW7170EF


  • Loading capacity up to 170 KG
  • With intensive aluminum alloy frame
  • Wireless folding structure design, super mini size
  • Easy to put into a car or van and carry around


Suitable for carrying big size home appliance and furniture, refrigerator, washer, table


Standard accessories include lithium battery, charger, safety strap, fuse, spare button.

Optional Accessories

XSTO ZW7170GF Optional Accessories

Cylinder device: The special device for the cylinder cargo, it can fixed tightly on the stair climber to transport.

Transfer device: It helps the operator to turn around more easily especially in small stair corner or narrow space.

Loading board: There are two size loading board to choose, the normal one and the larger one to fit your different need.


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