XSTO Stair Climber ZW7170G

Electric Stair Climbing Hand Truck

Model No.:XSTO ZW7170G

XSTO stair climbing trolley ZW7170G is the most popular model in Europe, Intensive Aluminum alloy frame, auto-edge-brake.

With capacity of up to 170 KG, ZW7170G is a powered trolley for cargo transport over stairs with just a single operator. It can carry printers, home appliances, furniture and other goods without any effort. It can help you save huge labor costs. Solid tyres with brake, Intensive Aluminum alloy frame, simple touch button control and rechargeable battery, make it to be our best-selling product in Europe. powered trolley for cargo transport over stairs.


  • Material handing in tourist resort
  • Moving furniture
  • Moving home appliance
  • Carry office appliance, etc..

Easy to Use



Light Weighted