XSTO Battery Stair Climbing Trolley ZW7200G

Heavy Duty Stair Climber

Model No: XSTO ZW7200G

 With capacity of up to 200Kg, XSTO heavy dutry stair climber ZW7200G will allow you to transfer awkward cargo up and down stairs with just a single operator. It can carry  printers,home appliances, furniture and other goods without any effort.It can help you save huge labour costs. Solid tyres ,brake system, Intensive Aluminum alloy frame,simple touch button control ,rechargeable battery ,higher load make it more and more popular.


  • Construction material handling
  • Beverage  handling
  • Cargo delivery

Easy to Use

Controlled with 2 switch button ( Upstairs/downstairs button + speed button) and 1 click to work operation button.


Its energy is provided by powerful lithium battery that provide a range of about 50 flights of stairs.

Edge Brake

It is equipped with an electromagnetic brake continuously assists the operator.

Health Consicious

XSTO stair climber avoids physical exertion, lumbago (back pain), and other fatiguing movements.


Safety level is independent from the shape and weight of the load to be transported.


XSTO ZW7200G Operation


01 Operation Switch

Point Touch Design, Easy to Operate

02 Button

Upstairs/Downstairs Switch, Fast/Slow Switch

03 Motor Shell

Closed acutator with motor and controller inside

04 Support Wheels

Sturdy and Non-slipping, Can be Stepped On and Assisted In Operation

05 Brake

With Edge Brake and Stairs Hover Function. Avoid Falling Down and Safer to Operate

06 Armrest

Sturdy alumium alloy design with rotate angle

07 Battery

Play & Plug With Auto Connection, Independent Switch, Display Battery Level and Voltage

08 Fender

It avoid the powered stair climber from falling down on the stairs edge

09 Toe Plate

Foldable loading board, space saving

10 Pneumatic Tire

Durable pneumatic tire with anti-shock function

Motor Shell
Point Touch Switch
Support Wheels
Loading Board


Item Weight
Max Loading Capacity
Battery Capacity
46-103 Floors
Low Speed
17 Steps/Min
High Speed
34 Steps/Min
Motor Type
DC Motor
Nosie Volume
Protection Grade
Staircase Requirement

Optional Fixtures

Bucket Fixture
Barrel Fixture
Gas Cylinder Fixture
4Th Attachment Fixture
Auxiliary Handler
Bottle Water Fixture
Door Delivery Fixture
Heighten Fixture
Widen Fixture
Chair Delivery Fixture
Support Wheel
Extended Toe Plate

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