XSTO Launches 4 New Crawler Stair Climber Models That Could Reshape Material Handling Industry

XSTO launched 4 new crawler stair climber models today, they are designed to help people move heavy duty cargo on flat surface and stairs, both indoors and outdoors, even in the narrow space.

XSTO annuanced that they put out a new crawler stair climbers series which is including CT250, CT250A, CT300, CT300A, they are the new designs that are different from the traditional powered stair climbing hand truck.

The innovation has brought the revolution in the material handling industry and people worldwide in huge numbers are calling for purchasing.

They equipped with many smart functions compared with the traditional stair climbing hand truck. Let’s check it out:

The intelligent loading board can adjust the tilt angle on stairs automatically. To improve the safety on stairs when carrying heavy duty cargo, the XSTO researchers designed the intelligent loading plate which can auto trace the centre of gravity of the cargo, then the loading plate adjust the tilt angle to keep the cargo in balance.

Easy movement on flat sureface and stairs. The crawler track design ensures the trolley work like a mini tank, it enables the powered stair climber moving in different surface with the battery power.

Powered by plug & play rechargeable lithium battery. The lithium battery is the best battery with large capacity compared with other batteries such as lead acid battery or gel battery. It is light weighted , portable and rechargeable which is easy to carry around and eco-friendly.

The clawer tracks are non-slipping and non-marking. Non-marking tracks makes no harm to the stairs or the flat surface while non-slipping track can avoid the whole powered stair climber falling down from the stairs. This is the revolutional advantage than never before.

“We find many people need a powered stair climber that can move cargo easily both on the flat surface and stairs, that is why we put out this crawler stair climber series for the market.” Said Yong Zhao, the XSTO’s CEO. “It feels great to have the crawler stair climber into the world–it is going to be a game changer.”

XSTO intergrated modern motor technology and wire control technology into the traditional powered stair climbing hand truck with safer and smarter functions. It helps people move the heavy duty cargo around easily. It leads the material handling industry to the revolution.

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XSTO is a material handling equipment R&D company who is integrated with manufacturing and sales that helps people moving heavy duty cargo on stairs faster, safer and easier.

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